1 1st Dpt. of Medical Oncology, “Μetropolitan

General” Hospital, Athens


N. Pantazopoulos


2 Dpt. of Medical Oncology, Univerity General Hospital, Larisa A.     Kotsakis

Ph. Koinis

E. Saloustros

3 Medical Oncology Unit, 5th Dpt of Internal Medicine, “ATTIKON” General Hospital, Athens A.     Koumarianou
4 Dpt. of Medical Oncology, “Evagelismos” General Hospital, Athens


M. Vaslamatzis

Th. Tegos

5 1st Dpt. of Medical Oncology, “Theagenion” Anticasncer Hospital, Thessaloniki A.     Boutis
6 3rd Dpt. of Medical Oncology, “Theagenion” Anticasncer Hospital, Thessaloniki Z. Zafiriou
7 Medical Oncology Unit, “Venizelion” Ggeneral Hospital, Heraklion, Crete E. Kontopodis
8 2nd Dpt. of pulmonary diseases, “Sotiria” General Hospital, Athens


A.     Tsaroucha
9 2nd Dpt. of Medical Oncology, “Agios Savvas” Anticancer Hospital, Athens M. Nikolaou

A. Tzovaras

10 Medical Oncology Unit, “NIMITS” General Hospital, Athens A.     Karambeazis
11 Dpt. of Medical Oncology, “Bioclinic”, Thessaloniki I. Boukovinas
12 Dpt of Medical Oncology, “European Intebalkan Medical Center”, Thessaloniki E. Emmanouilidis
13 Dpt. of Pathology, University General Hospital, Heraklion, Crete M. Tsardi

A. Koutsopoulos

E. Lagoudaki

14 2nd Dpt of Pathology, School of Medicine, University of Athens, “ATTIKON” General Hospital, Athens J. Pateras
15 Laboratory of CTC Analysis (ACTC Lab), School of Chemistry, University of Athens E. Lianidou

A. Markou

A. Strati

A. Ntzifa

16 Biomedical Research Foundation (BRFAA) of Academy of Athens Α. Klinakis

Th. Rabias

17 Dpt. Laboratory of Biochemistry/Metastatic Signaling, Department of Biology, University of Patras G. Kallergi

E. Pantazaka

18 Dpt. of Pathology, “Metropolian E. Patsea
19 General Hospital” Athens

Dpt. of Thoracic Surgery, “Sotiria”

K. Potaris


20 General Hospital, Athens

Dpt. of Pathology, “Sotiria”

I. Vamvakaris


21 General    Hospital, Athens

Dpt. of Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy

K. Baxevanis



“Agios Savvas” Anticancer Hospital, Athens

  S. Fortis

M. Goulielmaki