The Hellenic Oncology Research Group (H.O.R.G.) is a non-profit scientific organization created by clinicians and scientists/researchers involved in the treatment, diagnosis and biology of cancer .

The main objectives of H.O.R.G. are:

  • The design and implementation of clinical trials for novel anticancer treatments.
  • The promotion and fostering of translational and basic research, both in Greece and internationally, in collaboration with respective scientific organizations.
  • The support and the fostering of scientific networks between Greek and European / American researchers for the study of specific tumors.
  • The promotion of Cancer Education for physicians, nurses and other scientists, as well as students through the organization of scientific seminars, symposia and webinars.

The clinical research designed by HORG is conducted according to the international rules, the GCP and are characterized by a high reliability and quality benchmark. They cover Phase I, Phase II and Phase III clinical trials and are presented at international conferences and  published in peer-reviewed international medical journals. HORG is also participating in International Collaborative Groups such as EORTC, BIG and ETOP.

HORG’s research groups are also involved in translational and basic research through national and international collaborations. The HORG’s main research interests are the:

  • liquid biopsy
  • cancer heterogeneity and
  • cancer immunology

More specifically, HORG is focused on the study of liquid biopsy in terms of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) and their phenotypic and molecular characterization as well as their clinical relevance. Moreover,   our research in the field of liquid biopsy has been expanded, in recent years, to the study of ctDNA both in the context of its clinical significance in the daily clinical practice as well as a marker of tumor evolution.

HORG’s –participating groups are also involved in the study of tumor heterogeneity, especially in lung cancer, based on molecular tumor characteristics such as genomics, methylation and phenotypic characteristics of the tumor.  In addition, HORG’s groups are involved in the study of immune host-tumor interaction by investigating the adaptive immunity and the immune microenvironment in several tumor types.

HORG is a major research group in Greece with significant scientific publications and impact in the field of Oncology and actually develops active collaborations with other international groups. Therefore, HORG, as an internationally established collaborative group, has the willingness and the potential to assume a substantial role in the field of cancer research and treatment.


Vasileios Georgoulias Chairman
Ioannis Boukovinas Vice President
Athanasios Kotsakis General Secretary
Evrikleia Lianidou Special Secretary
Ioannis Pateras Treasurer
Anastasios Koutsopoulos Member
Philippos Koinis Member